This is just a small selection of my work. For access to a comprehensive portfolio please contact.. incmonocle@btinternet.com

French police clash with May Day protestors in Paris 1/5/2019
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage just before he addressed Brexit supporters on Parliament Square 29/3/2019
Controversial right wing figure Gavin Mcinnes outside the Old Bailey during the Tommy Robinson hearing 27/9/2019
French police in Paris surround a protestor as they try and prevent journalists photographing his injuries 1/5/2019
Nigel Farage campaigning on the Brexit Bus as he roars back on to the political scene 22/5/2019
Westminster, London, Houses Of Parliament, United Kingdom – 14th November 2018 – Jacob Rees Mogg calls for Theresa May to go as the ERG act. Also featutng Steve Baker MP and Michael Crick.
Maajid Nawaz confronts the Al Quds march 10/6/2018
Labour MP Kate Hoey looks on as crowds assemble to protest against the governments failure to deliver Brexit as Nigel Farage stands in the background 29/3/2019