Campaign Photography

A small selection of campaign/bespoke political photography by IncMonocle Director Stuart Mitchell. For a more comprehensive portfolio please contact

The day before the 2020 Presidential Election – President Donald Trump addresses his supporters – Scranton Pennsylvania – 2/11/2020
President Trump addresses a rally / Scranton Pennsylvania 2/11/2020
MAGA Supporters gather in Scranton Pennsylvania 2/11/2020
Exclusive backstage access – CPAC 2020 – Ivanka Trump moments after her speech 28/02/2020
Nigel Farage greets Ivanka Trump backstage at CPAC 2020 – 28/02/2020
Nigel Farage / CPAC 2020 .
Nigel Farage celebrates as the United Kingdom leaves the EU 31/1/2020
Nigel Farage addresses media as he leaves the European Parliament for the final time – 29/1/2020