As Damian Green battles to save his political career it could be his long time friend David Davies that comes to his aid. Davies fully understands the fragility of the government and seems prepared to use his position to back up Mr Green. This shot shows the two outside Parliament in 2016 sharing a humerous moment.

Green stands accused of accessing pornography from a work computer in 2008 and is under ever growing pressure to resign, although there is no suggestion he has acted illegally. However the actions of the police are now under scrutiny and the officers in question could face charges themselves. The head of the Metropolitan Police Cressida Dick has condemned the retired officers in question saying

“All police officers know very well that they have a duty of confidentiality, a duty to protect personal information”

Could a combination of the Police Commisioner and David Davies bolster the embattled First Secretary of State or will the pressure become to much triggering the resignation of one of the PM’s key allies?