One of my absolute favourite shots taken in 2016 of former Tory Party leader Michael Howard. A somewhat maligned figure that provided a steady hand during a transitional period for the Conservatives. It is interesting to look at characters such as Ian Duncan Smith, William Hague and Michael Howard and the role they play in our political history.

It shows that politics is often about timing and luck, in this instance all three men took the hot seat while the Party was at its lowest ebb. Indeed after the crushing defeat to Tony Blairs Labour Party in 1997 the conservatives seemed in very real danger of fading into oblivion. However the Conservatives are nothing if not resilient.

Of the three William Hague was undoubtably the most impressive, often outmanoeuvring Tony Blair during Prime Ministers question time with consummate ease and wit. One does wonder what impact he could have had in a different time and political moment. Indeed the Tory Party is screaming out for someone with his poise right now. Boris Johnson has an undoubted appeal but his lack of control and judgement undermines his cause at the most vital of times. Could the Tory Party be tempted to wipe the slate clean and skip a political generation for a fresher leadership candidate? Ruth Davidson has none of the baggage, more of the control and a good serving of charisma that all combine well to make her a potential leader. The Conservatives have some very tough choices in front of them, choices that could shape their Party for generations.

Now Jeremy Corbyn rides a wave a momentum can Prime Minister May’s Conservatives prove everyone wrong and once again become the election winning machine that so many have come to fear? Or will Mrs May be the woman who makes us think of these never to be Prime Ministers in a better light. The calamity of the snap election may prove a new low for the Conservatives that could take a generation to recover from.

Michael Howard image taken with a Nikon 70-300mm lens. Lucky to capture this with a black backdrop that gives it a look of a studio portrait.